Wimbledon (3rd round): Garin – Martinez and Ivashka – Thompson

Cristian Garin – Pedro Martinez

Here is a battle that could have been even more attractive if it was played on clay. It must be said that these two men are experts on the slow surface.

Pedro Martinez was nice to watch in his first two matches. He was able to use his offensive forehand to control Travaglia and Monfils. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that the Spanish player has not yet played an opponent capable of challenging him throughout a match. The Italian and the Frenchman have been far from being in incredible shape lately (and it has shown).

Cristian Garin is also far from his preferred surface, but he has all the necessary weapons to overcome Pedro Martinez. Like his opponent of the day, he is a fighter from the back court. However, he has the advantage of being more consistent in rallies, having a much sharper backhand, but also winning more free points on his serves (which is not insignificant to save his butt in difficult moments).

I don’t necessarily expect a 3-0 win from Cristian Garin. He could lose a few feathers in the process, as he has in his previous matches.

Prediction: Cristian Garin

Medium risk

Ilya Ivashka – Jordan Thompson

We did not necessarily expect these two men at this level of competition, but we can not say that it is not deserved.

To put it simply, Jordan Thompson showed some good qualities in his first matches, but it was more his opponents who lost (and Ruud’s 55 unforced errors and Nishikori’s 49 unforced errors won’t make me say otherwise). The Australian’s style of play does push his opponents to the fault. On the other hand, he can quickly be frustrated when he has effective offensive players in front of him.

Ilya Ivashka is my favorite because his game does not depend on the form of his opponents to win points. His tennis is naturally forward. I really liked his performance against Chardy where he made only 13 unforced errors and 38 winners.

Given that we are dealing with two good servers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least a tie-break or a 4-5 set match. Either way, this will be the first time either of these two players will reach the second week of Wimbledon. And that’s cool.

Prediction: Ilya Ivashka

High risk

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