Singapore (1st round): Michael Mmoh – Yoshihito Nishioka

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This will be a first between these two players.

Tournament history

This is the first edition of this ATP 250 from Singapore. There hadn’t been tennis here since 1999.


Here is an interesting match between a good puncher and a good defender.

I liked Michael Mmoh at the Australian Open. Well, he did hit Rafael Nadal in the second round, but his first match against Troicki was very interesting. He showed his power, which allowed him to serve big first balls, but also to take control of the forehand operations.

On his side, Yoshihito Nishioka’s tennis is not really sexy since the beginning of the season. Indeed, he has not yet managed to win a match (2 defeats in the ATP Cup, and a defeat in the first round of the Australian Open). He even seemed to be physically limited.

I think Michael Mmoh has the tennis to win against this opponent. His power in the service of his aggressiveness could well set Yoshihito Nishioka back more than once. The American will then be able to take advantage of this to finish the point at the net, as he likes to do.

Note also that Michael Mmoh has a slight advantage in service. Yoshihito Nishioka can’t always count on his commitments to earn free points or to put himself in good conditions. Especially if Mmoh assaults him with a forehand on the way back.

Where Yoshihito Nishioka has a card to play is in his ability to play fast and insist on his opponent’s backhand (which is much less effective). The Japanese likes to change the direction of the ball to force his opponents to move sideways. Mmoh, who likes to shift his forehand, may not always have the time. It should also be noted that the American can make a lot of faults when he is in a hurry. Oops.

Compared to what I’ve seen from these two players since the beginning of the year, Michael Mmoh seems to have a great card to play. Let’s also point out that facing a left-hander shouldn’t bother him more than that. Indeed, Mmoh has already played left-handed players 4 times in hard ATP tournaments, and he has won 3 times (against Delbonis, Mr. Zverev and Gunneswaran). His only defeat was at Wimbledon against Gilles Muller in 2018 (remember this Luxembourger with an impregnable service).

Let’s end with a positive point for Yoshihito Nishioka: he hasn’t lost often in the first round of an ATP indoor tournament. Out of the 8 previous tournaments concerned, he lost only once in the first match. On his side, Michael Mmoh has already played 2 ATP indoor tournaments, and he has never yet managed to get past the first round.

So I’m looking forward to a match where each of these two players could emerge victorious. For that to happen, they will have to be able to impose their style of play on the other. I’m banking on Michael Mmoh’s good dynamics.

Prediction: Michael Mmoh wins

High risk

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