Rotterdam (Round 2): Andy Murray – Andrey Rublev

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This will be the second time these two players will compete against each other.

Andy Murray won the first match. That was in 2017 at the Australian Open. Victory 6-3 6-0 6-2. A bad memory for the Russian.

Tournament history

This is Andy Murray’s sixth appearance in Rotterdam. He reached the quarter-finals in his last two appearances in 2014 and 2015, and he lifted the trophy once (in 2009). Also, he has never been eliminated in the second round yet.

For his part, Andrey Rublev is playing this Dutch ATP 500 for the third time in his career, after 2018 and 2020. He has always been stopped in the quarter-finals.

In this edition

In the first round, Andy Murray struggled to beat Robin Haase. A victory in 3 sets and 2h30 of play.

As for Andrey Rublev, he defeated Marcos Giron in two sets (including a tie-break). The match lasted 1h20.


For his entry into the competition, we can say Andy Murray sucked it up. He went for the win mentally and that’s what impressed me the most.

Andrey Rublev proved in his first match that he didn’t come to the Netherlands to smoke firecrackers (or not that). His aggressiveness, especially in the forehand, did not leave much room for Marcos Giron (although he did have a few chances).

Honestly, I can’t imagine Andrey Rublev losing this match. The intensity he’s going to put on the rallies and the potatoes he’s going to send in a forehand could well stifle Andy Murray. I found Murray quite limited physically. That had an impact on the quality of his serve, but more importantly on the length of his balls. Against Andrey Rublev, the Scotsman will be paying quite a price for his neutral shots.

The result of this match seems so obvious to me that I have the impression that there is something fishy going on. We all know Andy Murray and his beaten dog face. He makes us feel like he’s completely cooked, but that doesn’t stop him from being on all the balls and getting into the heads of his opponents. If he can make Andrey Rublev doubt him, then he might just blow him up in flight. The mind of the former world number one will do the rest.

You don’t believe in the trap? No ? All right, Andrey Rublev in two sets then.

Prediction: Andrey Rublev wins

Medium risk

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