takes back colors in 2021

Overall, we cannot say that we are coming out of a fantastic year 2020. The health crisis has caused problems in many sectors and tennis has obviously not been spared. For my part, I had to make take a step back a few months ago.

Since the launch of (formerly in 2017, I’ve been having a lot of fun every day. Starting from scratch, I have managed to create a small community of bettors and tennis enthusiasts. The number of visitors has only increased. This has made me want to do more and offer new things.

Unfortunately, this activity has never been profitable. There are significant costs, such as the web server or the mobile application, to name but two.

So that got me thinking. Is this activity worth this waste of money? Will I be able to develop this project as much as I want?

For this new year, I have decided to seriously take over To do so, I have to make a cross on the mobile application (too expensive) and spend, at times, less time on it. This explains, for example, my withdrawal from Twitter (Facebook remains the only presence of on social networks).

Finally, in order to keep the content free, I had to give out ads. They will allow you to discover incredible new products (and make you spend your money).

Tennistically speaking, I expect a lot from this year 2021. First of all with the return of the public. The atmosphere of the last tournaments was far from being top notch and this has had an impact on the motivation of some players (and viewers).

And secondly, because grandpa Federer and grandpa Nadal will always want to play. Just like Novak Djokovic who is no longer young (34 years old next May) and who seems to lack patience (and that irritates more than one person). Let us note all the same that the world number 1 remains physically incredible.

Without forgetting some players, such as Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev, Daniil Medvedev, and many others, who will want to confirm their role as elite players.

All this to say that I am expecting an excellent 2021 season, with many (and beautiful) surprises. I’m obviously thinking of Benoît Paire’s victory at Roland Garros (against Nadal, let’s not disrupt all the predictions) and the sound of Corentin Moutet playing when the players entered the US Open.

We meet again next week for the beginning of the hostilities. This month of January will be interesting with 4 confirmed tournaments.

Finally, I would like to wish you, as usual, a happy new year 2021. Have a lot of fun in the tennis matches you will watch!

See you soon,


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