Montpellier (2nd round): Tallon Griekspoor – Ugo Humbert

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This will be a first between these two players.

Tournament history

This is the first time that Tallon Griekspoor participates in this tournament in Montpellier.

As for Ugo Humbert, he is playing this ATP 250 for the third time in his career. This is the first time he has reached the second round. At last!

In this edition

In the first round, Tallon Griekspoor won in 3 sets against Marcos Giron. There was a tie-break in this match (lost by the Dutchman).

For his part, Ugo Humbert defeated Norbert Gombos in 2 sets. There was also a decisive game in this match (won by the French).


This match arouses my curiosity. Indeed, if you have seen Tallon Griekspoor lately, then you can think like me. The Dutchman, 160th in the world, could create a surprise against Ugo Humbert, 32nd in the world.

Tallon Griekspoor seems very sharp in service. He is a powerful player who manages to win many free points (10 aces in his last match by the way) and who doesn’t let go of his service games so easily. What also interests me is his ability to systematically go for the winning shot. Of course, this doesn’t always work (and that’s also why he has never been in the Top 100 yet). But when he’s in a good dynamic, as it seems to be the case now, he’s difficult to counter.

Concretely, Griekspoor is an offensive mindset and a powerful forehand. I really liked his last match against Giron. He was able to play relaxed and hit the ball hard while finding good lengths. More than once, he managed to find himself naturally on the inside of the court, and that allows him to be at the conclusion often.

In all objectivity, I think that Tallon Griekspoor showed everything he could do in his last match. For his part, Humbert took great advantage of Gombos’ direct faults to gain valuable points. The advantage we have with the Frenchman is that he gives us the impression that he still has some under the hood.

What is also reassuring about Ugo Humbert is his solidity in service. In the first round, he managed 18 aces and passed 79% of firsts. In fact, if these two men serve as well as they did in their first match, then it would be surprising not to see at least one tie-break in this match.

Ugo Humbert seemed to me to be on his feet when he entered the competition. I also really liked his aggressiveness and his regularity in the rallies (which was a significant source of fault on his opponent’s side). I expect Griekspoor to be a little more oppressed than in his previous match, and this could result in him becoming a little more feverish.

Compared to what I’ve seen from these two players, Tallon Griekspoor may well have a card to play if he stays at this level. Ugo Humbert is more likely to succeed in imposing his tennis. That’s why he will be my favourite player in this match. I hope that Griekspoor’s style of play is not the Achilles’ Tallon of the French. Heh heh.

Prediction: Ugo Humbert wins.

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