Cordoba (1/4 final): Federico Coria – Benoit Paire

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This will be the second time these two players will compete against each other.

It was Federico Coria who eliminated Benoit Paire at the last Roland Garros. Finally, let’s say that the Argentinean faced Bounoit Poure, Benoit Paire’s failed copy.

Tournament history

This is the second year in a row that Federico Coria participates in this Argentinean ATP 250, and the first time he has made it past the first round.

As for Benoit Paire, this is his first time playing in Cordoba. For the last few years, he used to stay in Europe to play indoors.

In this edition

Federico Coria won the first round against Dominik Koepfer in two sets. Then, he had to force a little more against Francisco Cerundolo who managed to steal a set from him.

Benoit Paire, on his side, took advantage of his ranking to skip the 1st round. He entered the competition against Nicolas Jarry whom he beat, with the manner, in 2 sets and 1h15 of play.


Federico Coria had beaten Benoit Paire at home at the last Roland Garros. Will the Frenchman take his revenge on the Argentinean’s land? I like the idea.

It must be said that for his first match, Benoit Paire showed a lot of things that we almost forgot at home. Facing Nicolas Jarry, he seemed very motivated and he had the desire to fight on many points. Is it because the South American atmosphere suits him or because he came with his new girlfriend? Maybe both. In any case, the Frenchman confirmed to Jarry that he was hungry for victory and that he was willing to make the necessary effort.

Federico Coria is no joke on this surface. He’s a good lander who is beginning to establish himself permanently in the Top 100 and who is participating more and more in ATP tournaments. For this match, he will also have the advantage of playing at home, with a little bit of people in the stands to encourage him (as in his previous match against Cerundolo). This will allow him to transcend himself.

Where Federico Coria has a card to play is in the rallies where his aggressiveness could succeed more than once to stifle the Frenchman who sometimes prefers precision to power (which can leave Coria time). Indeed, his forehand could neutralize Benoit Paire’s forehand more than once when played crosscourt. His power will do the rest.

Nevertheless, I expect Paire to be as catchy as he was in his first match. Federico Coria can also have a tendency to put too much on, especially when there’s a counterpart, and that makes him commit a lot of faults (his shots go peanutty and he starts to doubt). The French knows this and could play on it to win some precious points. Also, he showed in his previous match against Jarry that he knows how to handle powerful opponents in forehand.

I still believe Benoit Paire may be able to win this match. First of all because he knows how to turn over very well (even more so on this slow surface). He has this ability to quickly return his opponents’ serve, which could more than once take Coria’s speed.

Let’s also highlight the excellent backhand of the French who can accelerate the game and insist on the Argentinean’s one (less efficient than his forehand). Without forgetting his ease on clay (I already said it: he won his 3 ATP trophies on this surface).

Finally, Benoit Paire is not content to stay behind his line as Federico Coria can do. He knows how to vary the game, but also how to make a few bumps that can force the Argentinean out of his comfort zone.

I must confess that I did not look at the bookies’ odds for this match. And by the way, I won’t be surprised to see Federico Coria there as a slight favorite. It must be said that Benoit Paire remains a very unstable player and has not really shown the best of himself in recent months. Except last night against Jarry.

Come on Benoit, give everything to impress your new companion.

Prediction: Benoit Paire wins

High risk

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