Buenos Aires (1st round): Pablo Andujar – Juan Ignacio Londero

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This will be the second time that these two players will face each other, after the Lima Challenger (clay court) in 2018. Juan Ignacio Londero won this match in two sets.

Tournament history

Pablo Andujar will participate in this ATP 250 in Buenos Aires for the tenth time in his career. He has only managed to get through the first round twice (2010 and 2014), and his best performance is a quarter-final in 2014.

For his part, Juan Ignacio Londero will participate in the final draw of this Argentinean tournament for the third time in his career. He did not make it past the first round in his first participation in 2019. Last year, he reached the semi-finals.


We are dealing with two players who are far from being in incredible shape. Pablo Andujar has won only 3 of his last 10 official matches, while Juan Ignacio Londero is only one win away from winning in 10 matches (including 5 consecutive defeats).

On clay court, Pablo Andujar’s performances are sexier than Juan Ignacio Londero’s. Indeed, the Spanish has won 6 of his last 10 matches, while the Argentinean is 2 out of 10. Quite bad, especially when you know that this is his favorite surface.

In other words, Juan Ignacio Londero is very far from being confident, and this has a direct impact on the quality of his tennis. We must not forget that he is a player with an offensive state of mind. He likes to oppress his opponents with his excellent forehand. Unfortunately, the lack of confidence causes him to lose consistency and generate a lot of faults (which is quite sad to see, by the way).

Juan Ignacio Londero will be able to take advantage of the fact that he will be playing at home to find additional mental strength. However, he shouldn’t have many people in the stands. And that’s bad for him.

Pablo Andujar is no longer young, but he is still doing very well on this surface. What I like about this veteran is that he can hit some great balls on the restart. That tends to put his opponents in trouble quickly. Lodnero’s second balls are warned.

In the rallies, Pablo Andujar is not the most aggressive player on the circuit (although he has recently shown some good things in this area). But he has this ability to remain very consistent when the rallies start. That could force Juan Ignacio Londero to put in more to cut that short and, you see where I’m going with this, commit more faults. It’s also worth noting that the Argentinean made a lot of bad choices in his last match against Albert Ramos-Vinolas. I have no doubt that this new Spanish opponent will try to get into his head quickly to repeat that.

Pablo Andujar should obviously use his backhand to insist on the Argentinian’s one. The latter also knows how to win many points on this side. But he remains less dangerous than in the forehand.

If Juan Ignacio Londero plays his offensive tennis while being very good in his head, then he can compete with his opponent. In fact, if we only look at the tennis qualities, the Argentinean seems to me even superior to the Spanish. However, compared to the current dynamics of these two men, Pablo Andujar seems to me to have a slight advantage in this match.

Prediction: Pablo Andujar wins

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