My name is Sylvain, I am 35 and I am passionate about the little yellow ball.

I watch a lot of matches, both live and replay. This allows me to improve my knowledge of the players (newcomers to the circuit as well as older players). I’m obviously attracted by the beautiful game, but I don’t hesitate to watch the purges. I have indeed been able to find some pleasure in Ivo Karlovic’s matches.

I’m also captivated by what players do off the court. Benoit Paire and his crunchy lifestyle habits, or Rafael Nadal and his incredibly intensive workouts. Yum.

Finally, I am extremely interested in tournaments. Their history, their way of working, or their locations. I like to discover the backstage. 

All these details are important sources of information that allow us to identify certain elements that can have an impact during the matches.

The website

My presence on the internet started on March 24, 2017 with PronoTennis.fr. The objective was to be able to express myself on upcoming matches by offering free detailed analysis.

Faced with the interest of the visitors, I quickly made this project evolve by proposing new things:

  • Putting online a database of more than 100 players, which results from my personal knowledge and notes (January 2018).
  • Launched the first mobile app (in French) to make content much more accessible (August 2018).

In February 2020, PronoTennis.fr evolved into PTennis.com in order to open up to the international market (translation of the website into English) and offer better quality content.

The end of the year 2020 has not been easy. I did not have the financial means to continue this activity. Since then, I had to make a cross on some elements to keep PTennis alive (like the mobile application).

Support PTennis

I have always wanted to make PTennis.com as accessible as possible. However, the success of the site combined with my wish to make it evolve made it a non profitable project (unfortunately, advertising is not everything).

You like PTennis.com and want to support me? You can now do so.

Sports bettors

PTennis.com est une référence pour de nombreux parieurs et je les en remercie.

It is important for me to remind you that it is not enough to read only the line “Prediction: … wins” to place money on a match. Indeed, all the data of an analysis must be taken into account. You may even have a different interpretation of the information I put forward.

Also, I invite you to read the Sports Betting Guide that I wrote. We are far from a miracle recipe, but this guide should help you.

Social networks

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The articles on this website contain images. They are supposed to be free of rights and accompanied by their credits. Nevertheless, a mistake is not impossible. If you are the author of one of them and there is no mention of it, I invite you to contact me. I would also be able to remove it if you so choose.


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